Osama Com Laude – “The Balance” (Watch Music Video+Lyrics)


Artist: Osama Com Laude
Song: “The Balance”
Produced: Talal Qureshi
Directed/Edited: Shaheer Shahid


[Lyrics – The Balance]

(Verse 1)
I been privileged to say the least at most I say I’m blessed
Never been in a struggle or put through any kinda test
But I’ve had to fight to break all the stereotypes I have been given
Now all I see is the tunnel and the light at the end is always missing
I’m tripping, I’m thinking what the fuck am I gonna do
Do I go with fate or do I decide what I wanna do
Its up to me and not you, mom and dad its just not true
I am my own credible man for that only will I choose
That what’s gonna be my destiny
What’s gonna be the end of me
Checking and stressing me, telling me that which I am meant to be
A well mannered gentleman, educated mommas boy
Grown and settled and not meddling with any. .
NAH! My tongue and mouth are the monitors
Spinal cord is my cord for my brain to let me do more
With the words that I pour for all my listeners
Haters, lovers and well-wishers
Sit and witness the blossoming
Of a boy who was
And now the man that is constantly
Trying to teeter totter his life
Never thinking twice, always looking forward
Trying to balance my way out this strife
Whether its right or wrong,
Fuck it just play my song
Let it go on and on and on. .

(Verse 2)
They wanna stop me cause my ego gets bigger and I get more cocky
Probably one of the most illest on this side of the conti-
-Nent? Nonsense! They say I beat my own drum
Well let me beat it then son!
I’m not saying that I will take over the game
But I don’t mind all of the money and fame
Keep on and hating cause nothing will change
Osama will always be one and the same
Yeah do a double take when I spit
Cause my words they hitting hard like Amir Khans fist
I’m the one parents dream about and the reason girls fantasize for
So do I be what the parents want or be what these women die for
I pray to God that He put me on the right track
I don’t ask for a lighter load, but instead a strong back
See my team we live and die by the words No Front
We beasting with mighty ones, never no broke back chumps
So I, hold my head high to face any oncoming challenege
In life I am forever trying to find the perfect balance. . .


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