Ali Azmat accuses Salman Ahmed (Junoon) of being money seeker


Ali Azmat vs Salman AhmadAli Azmat in a recent interview talked about Junoon’s 20th Anniversary Album and also explained the issues between Junoon’s front man Salman Ahmad and him. Ali told that he actually wants to do something for music but music is only a matter of cash for him(Salman).

“I don’t want to associate my name with Junoon anymore because he has used false marketing”, said the rock-star Ali Azmat.

He further said, “Salman writes about me saying I’ve become racist, a joke to humanity. He says that I wasn’t a Sufi and we used to force me to sing those songs. Well, if you ask me it’s better to be a conspiracy theorist than a drama queen”.

These issues really got the best band of Pakistan disbanded. Well! This is disappointing for all the Junoon and Pakistani Music lovers but musicians should also keep themselves away from such types of conspiracies.

Ali Azmat’s complete interview can be read on NewsWeekPakistan

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