Sajid and Zeeshan’s 2nd album “Harvest” delayed again


Sajid and ZeeshanDue to the critical situation of the country, Sajid and Zeeshan’s second album has been delayed again. This is quite disappointing because the album was set to be released on 10th September but now it has been delayed for two more weeks. Well! It is difficult to announce the next date of album release as nothing can be said about country’s situation.

Sajid and Zeeshan made a great strive with their single ‘King of self’ which won the award for ‘best foreign language song’ in second Lux style awards. After a long break they made comeback with their second song ‘Walk on air’.

The band is now looking forward to tour abroad to get large fan following after their first album is released. Their second album ‘Harvest’ is a mixture of memories and all that songs it includes focus more on ‘life’. The album keeps all the political matters away and is totally free from questions.

On this delaying of their album, their producer quipped “We have been sort of unfair to our fans and followers since it has been a while since we last released an album, However, I think people who have been following us will see that this album is worth the wait”.

So, lets wish Sajid and Zeeshan very best of luck for their first album and see If this album prove itself as a massive hit or this wait will disappoint their fans in the end.

via Express Tribune

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