Lux Style Awards to have one billions viewers, dreams Frieha Altaf


Frieha Altaf on Lux Style AwardsThe key icon of Pakistani Fashion Industry, Event Manager and publicist Frieha Altaf says that she wants Lux Style Awards (LSA) to have one billion viewers. *NO KIDDING*

Frieha – the C.E.O of Catwalk productions – is quite renown name in fashion industry and she also has quite successfully managed high profile events in Pakistan and abroad. Lux Style Awards, which is one and the only best award ceremonies of Pakistan, is just probably the biggest achievement on her profile.

Upon answering a question asked by Express Tribune, What do you want the future of LSA to be?

Frieha replied quite confidently:

“That it should be watched by one billion viewers in 10 years, and that one day everybody in the world will compare the LSAs with the Oscars.”

Yeah Oscars! we appreciate Frieha’s optimistic approach and bright vision of future, that too during the worst condition of industry and country. But most respectfully, “one billion viewers” and being compared with “Oscars” is something which we might not be able to achieve in the next 20 years or so. Her dream is awesome! but it seems to us more like a fantasy than reality. What do you guys say ?

Whatever our verdict may be but this super lady has given us a topic to discuss and path to the bright future. No one knows where we would be after 10 years or 20, and what kind of media technologies we will be using and adopting so we keep this topic on you to discuss in the comments below:

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