Goher Mumtaz on JAL band’s recent break-up, wishes Farhan Luck


Goher Mumtaz of Jal Band Wishes Farhan Luck for solo careerSo Apparently, we all have learned up till now that Farhan Saeed is NO MORE with JAL the band. But this hasn’t broken JAL, as the founder of the band Goher Mumtaz still wants to keep the band alive and moving ahead.

After being asked so many questions, Goher Mumtaz finally commented on JAL’s break-up last night. First of all, Goher wished Farhan best of luck for his solo career, which confirmed the news lately and denied any quarrel if they had any. Here was his status that he posted last night:

Firstly, I want to wish Farhan a very best of luck for his solo career. As far as jal is concern, it will always be my first priority, no matter what else i do. Whatever i’m is just because of this band and i owe so much to JAL unconditionally and wld continue it for JAL .so Brace yourself! wld update soon on new release by JAL.

So most obviously, Goher is asking his fan base to face the new changes as the band breaks-up and the line-up is revamped most of the time. At last, he gave hope to his fans saying that a new release is probably on its way and that he would update about it soon.

We are wondering who would be on vocals this time, we have heard many songs of JAL sung by Goher, but will he choose to be the permanent vocalist for the band ? That’s the question !

What do you guys think ?

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