Farhan Butt goes Solo, JAL Band broken again [Confirmed]


Farhan Goes Solo , Jal Band Broken Again

Farhan Saeed, the frontline singer of Jal, who recently covered Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s “Halka Halka Suroor” has decided that its time to say goodbye to the band. The Express Tribune has reported that Farhan is now looking towards his business and is going to pursue a solo career.

We at PakiUM reported an on-going rumor about a quarrel between Goher Mumtaz and Farhan Saeed and that the latter possibly leaving the band. However, the quarrel’s rumor didn’t came out to be right but, in fact, Farhan seems to have made up his mind on calling it quits with Jal for some other reasons.

Farhan Leaves the band in a “friendly manner”

Farhan, who joined Jal after Atif Aslam’s departure, says that he’s leaving Jal in a friendly manner with no hard feelings with the other members. On asking his reasons of quitting the band, Farhan says that the “pace” of releasing the songs was “sort of slow” because the “people need music” every now and then. He also says that “when you’re in a band, it’s like being in a company” so that all the decisions would have to be made in a team-like manner. “Being solo now is like being the owner of my own business,” says Farhan.

Goher should not be blamed again

On explaining his departure from the band, Farhan makes it clear that the people should not “blame Goher” for it as “that’s not the case”. He further goes on to say that his hectic schedule is probably another cause for him to say its time to leave the band. And he even reveals that after explaining his decision to Goher and Shazi, Goher even offered him that he could continue his solo career “while being a part of the band”. But nonetheless, Farhan negated this idea as then Jal would be his priority.

What Farhan Saeed is now upto?

Moving towards a new path of his career, Farhan is hoping to release a new album soon which, he believes, would differentiate from Jal’s music. He says that it will probably like his own creation and how he wants it to deliver. “Khwahishain” – an upcoming song that has been composed and written by Farhan entirely – will be released soon along with a video at the end of this month.

And, apart from the life of music, he intends to give the rest of the time to his family and business. Apparently he is also in talks to become Pakistan’s Youth Ambassador for SAARC (the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation).

Future of JAL The Band ?

As Tribune discusses with Khurram Mumtaz – the brother of Goher and the manager of Jal – has said that the band will “move on despite controversies” and that the band is currently working on its third album, which would include a lot of fresh stuff.

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