“Real Face of Aamir Liaquat” video leaks in the wild


Real Face of Aamir Liaquat LeakedThe Blogosphere, the twitterati and most used social network in Pakistan – Facebook – is buzzing with the term “Aamir Liaquat”. The reason we all know is behind the scenes footage of Aamir liaquat in which he is caught using profanity language and abusing his fellow workers during his former and popular religious show Aalim Online. The disturbing video leaked in the wild last night (on 14th August 2011) and since then it has been pulling off from YouTube again and again. While the Pakistani internet users have already downloaded the video and made several copies of it on internet.

An interesting & alarming thing that happened is that Geo TV is actually getting into the matter and claiming the rights over video. Although, any one can take down any video off Youtube, but when the copyright claimer name appears us GEO TV, it rings the bells in mind. It is also possible that some one else is taking off the video with the name of GEO. Reason being, when GEO TV claims the right, the copyright holder company name appears as “Independent Media Private Limited”, a UK based company which has contract with GEO TV to protect their intellectual rights.

Aamir, who was once a part of Geo TV and brought them huge business via his show Aalim Online, recently shifted to ARY TV Network. He is now the Managing Director(M.D) of Islamic channel QTV which again comes under ARY network. Aamir Liaquat recently started a new Ramadan transmission on ARY network this season, which according to ARY Network & some industry analysts topped the TRPs instantly. He has most of the key sponsors for his ARY show again.

But then this video came !

Aamir Liaquat doing abnormal things on his real face leaked videoIt is now being said by many that GEO TV has intentionally leaked these years old footage in which Aamir can be watched and listening doing some abnormal things. Just for information here, Aamir has earlier been accused of doing shows, which resulted in the murders of non-muslims in Pakistan. He is seen as a murderer in the liberal circles and among those who have  sympathy and pain for minorities in Pakistan. Aamir Liaquat’s PHD degree has also been exposed and discussed many times on TV/newspapers and recently TV anchor Mubashir Lucman also did an Exclusive show on it.

Coming back onto the “real face of Aamir Liaquat” video:

Concerns are also being shown on its authenticity as the video is poorly edited and out of sync in many frames. It is also worth noticing that it comprises of not only 2-3 clips, but actually of a collection of his worst backstage moments which was recorded back then by Geo TV crew. The alleged video of 10 minutes also contain the clip in which Aamir was caught using blasphemous language against the companions of The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) . Though later he did “Tauba” for his act and apologized publicly for his hate speech against Sahabas. (details of which can be found here in this video)Real Face of Aamir Liaquat

Now, the video has taken the rounds of almost whole major networks in Pakistan. Not just the youth & internet savvy audience, but the whole families have watched this face of the so called religious scholar, which is resulting in losing trust on the religious and T.V Hosts.  Chances are that he will be soon kicked out of the ARY Network and even from TV and his career is just on the tip of the ice berg.


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