Bilal Khan’s “Tou Kia Hua” gets a Million views on YouTube !


Bilal Khan's Tou Kia Hua receives over a million youtube views

Bilal Khan – a featured artist in Coke Studio season 4 – has achieved today over a Million Youtube views, just after two months of his song “Tou Kia Hua” broadcasted via Coke Studio.

Tou kia hua, a track from his upcoming debut album “Umeed”, performed in Coke Studio by Bilal Khan is now already leading in the video stats and ratings. And today as a surprising development has completed over a million views on Youtube, which makes it the most watched music video released by Coke Studio this year.

Earlier, “Arif Lohar ft. Meesha Shafi’s Alif Allah” has received huge round of applause and a milestone of over 5.5 Millions (but that’s fetched in over a year). If video views for “tou kia hua” continue to increase with the current pace, it will easily cross 5 Million video views even before a year.

So, we wish him again for his continued success and hope that he achieves many more in the upcoming months and year. Not to forget, best of luck for the upcoming US tour, we have all our eyes on you, Khan 😉

One important thing: As you will be representing Pakistan in US, your Pakistani fans will appreciate if you proudly say there, “My name is Khan and I am from Pakistan“.

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