Farhan Saeed left/quit JAL Band after a quarrel with Goher Mumtaz?


Jal Band Broke Up again?Now what can be the hottest title than the one we put above? So, the whole online world is buzzing with a rumor, came from a not-so-reliable source that Farhan Saeed Butt has left the band JAL after a quarrel with Gohar Mumtaz.

According to the original source, doseofme, which is highly unreliable and unauthentic spicy Pakistani blog, Farhan had some grievances and he was of the view that Goher doesn’t want to shine him like a star. Seems like a good masala story and it is definitely buzzing all over, but when we tried to confirm its authenticity from our sources, we are being told that the NEWS is just FAKE and is made by the online media without any proper source.

Earlier, the same blog doseofme did the rounds of blogosphere and internet, when it published a fake news story regarding President Zardari’s marriage with Tanveer Zamani.

As the band manager DJ MAQ has recently quit the band JAL , we do not have direct access to the band management. But what we are hearing right now, is definitely a satisfactory update and there is NO SUCH THING HAPPENING and JAL is NOT broken, and NO BAND MEMEBER has left the band.

So have some faith and hope that we don’t hear about more break-ups in the dead music industry. Keep checking this page for more updates, as it will be updated as soon as we get some official version by the band.

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