Introducing Islamabad based band “Saad and Ahsan”


Saad & Ahsan“Saad and Ahsan” is an Islamabad based band (currently residing in Toronto, Canada for education purposes) which has been doing music for quite some time now. Their music is an interesting blend of ideas that explore a variety of themes and moods.

Saad embodies the soul behind the music. He is the creator and guides the direction each song takes. Ahsan is the actual force and energy driving the music. He adds the edge to the intricate compositions. Together, they aim to maintain a high level of perfectionism and professionalism in bringing their music to the world.

Band Line-up:

Saad Tauseef (Composer/Backing Vocals/Lyricist)
Ahsan Bin Arif (Lead Vocals/ Lyricist)

Live Band:
-Anam Rizvi (Tabla)
-Eric N. Madan (Bass)

Mp3 Download Link

Watch out Saad and Ahsan cover song of Khalid Anum’s “Peera Ho”:


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