Its “The Sketches” Time !


By Salman Siddiqui

The Sketches BandLet’s head back one year or so. A band called “The Sketches made their debut album ‘Dastkari‘ and launched their first two music videos Maujood” which was based on peace and harmony and their folk song depicting the story of the romance of Momal-Rano”.

While writing a review for “Momal-Rano, I took relief in the thought that at least somebody cares about the ill-fated culture of ours which is facing “depreciation” since long.

I believe that passion and obsession is half way through. To my surprise, The Sketches had proved my belief right, very right indeed! The only musical band which is presently hoisting the flag of Sufi music and which can be called the pioneer of “Sufi Folk Rock” following the footsteps of the trend-setters “Junoon”.

I knew from the very beginning that these dudes would be big! Well they deserved it. They proved popular beliefs wrong and did contrary to what today’s “musicians” do. I mean, murmuring those poorly written lyrics and strumming the G-chord throughout the song.

The Sketches have been flawless since their debut. They are gradually making their space and have also been invited as guests in various shows. They also have a huge fan following on Facebook. Why shouldn’t they? They are the only band present now who have responsibly selected folk and have blended it marvelously with pop and soft rock. They chose the way of the Sufi, and I know one thing about Sufism and it’s the fact that if a person has never trodden the path of love, then he has to fall in love, and when he does so, he can fell a Sufi within himself!

Now the fans of “The Sketches” have hopes high because “The Sketches” are going to perform at the Coke Studio. I am contended that they are given a chance.

The Sketches In Coke Studio

When Rohail Hayat laid down the formation of Coke Studio, he convinced the viewers that it will showcase the magic fusion can create! After the broadcast of the first two seasons of Coke Studio, people realized that the idea behind the Coke Studio is worth considering! Coke Studio has successfully casted Saieen Zahoor, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Azmat in its previous seasons. People loved Ali Azmat and Rahat but my favorite was Saieen Zahoor because he did justice to the platform.

Saieen created magic not only inside the studio but also outside in the hearts of the listener! People started taking Coke Studio sessions more seriously. But soon it all disappeared like smoke. Previous Coke Studio session was not up to the expectations of the fans. But this season looks promising. It has already featured veterans like Sajjad Ali, Essa Khelvi, and Fareed Abbas and Abu Muhammad, and young talent like JAL, and Bilal Khan!

The Sketches Band in Coke StudioWell to be honest I am keeping an eye on “The Sketches”. I have a gut feeling that “The Sketches” will be worth watching, not only due to the fact that they promote Sufi style of music but also because they are good composers and are versatile. Their work proves it all!

Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” If Coke Studio claims to promote Fusion music, than there can’t be a better option than The Sketches! I wish “The Sketches” good luck for the Coke Studio session and hope that they leave an ever-lasting impression on the followers of Coke Studio!

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