Annie Khalid, The First Pakistani Celebrity In UK based Magazine ‘LOOK’


This month has proved to be quite lucky for our pop star Annie Khalid. Soon after the launch of her own restaurant, the AK Lounge, Annie got featured in UK’s very prestigious high-end fashion and celebrity magazine called LOOK.

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Pakistani Singer Annie Khalid featured in UK Magazine LOOKLOOK, which was launched in February 2007 by IPC Media in UK is a weekly magazine that focuses on high street fashion, beauty and celebrity news.

The feature talks about Annie Khalid, who despite being a singing sensation and living a celebrity life in Pakistan enjoys a contrasting lifestyle in the UK. The write-up also informs its readers a bit about Annie’s debut and achievements in the music world.

Annie, who is seen endorsing products and posing for the cameras in Pakistan, is actually a very simple girl at heart living a normal life in the UK, where she can hangout with friends or have ice cream on the street with out being chased by paparazzi.

Today, with her hard work and dedication she has gained numerous awards and recognition on local and international levels, this feature being one of them.

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