Annie Khalid and Iffi-K’s personal photos leaked via Facebook (Lesson to learn)


Annie Khalid and Iffi-K togetherToday, we have got some personal pictures of Annie Khalid with a UK based bhangra Artist IFFI-K, and it is tipped to us by someone whose name we won’t mention here to keep the source anonymous (the name and Email Address also look FAKE to us) . The anonymous contributor emphasizes and says that these photos are ‘LEAKED PICTURES’

Note: we are not publishing the whole photo album set here and this is just one picture we are publishing to give you an idea about the nature of the other pictures.

However there is NOTHING WRONG in the pictures, as you can only watch both the musicians together, hanging out and having fun at various places. But both of them, might not really appreciate if these photos are circulated over internet or would they?

Do you remember? or Have you seen? Annie’s personal pictures with Mustafa Zahid (Roxen) and with a guy look alike of John Abraham, in the past? So these pictures are not something NEW for us.

So, what can be the purpose of sending us these photos ?

Publicity Off Course! but of whom?

Annie is already in the news and has been covering on this blog for last two days, due to opening of her CAFE AK lounge. I personally believe neither Annie nor her media management can use such cheap tactics for publicity. As they usually come up with very positive update, organized material and clear instructions.

Our doubt is on the other musician in the picture, with whom we are not much acquainted, but as we don’t know him, neither our readership nor MANY people in Pakistan, the guy MAY use Annie’s goodwill by leaking personal photos of him along with the female celebrity.

Another possibility is, that neither Annie nor Iffi-K ( the bhangra artist) are involved in leaking those photos (as they are of some personal nature and should not get leaked – but here again we are not ignoring the certainty of an affair and then break-up and then coming out of these photos leak as a reaction)

Our doubt is also going on a “mutual friend” of these celebrities who breached the privacy of any one of these musicians. There is a possibility that either Annie or Iffi-K had uploaded this picture album in their personal profile and a mutual friend just copied those pictures (the image file names clearly depict they are copied from Facebook) and sent to us and a couple other media websites/blogs.

Lesson for Pakistani Musicians/Celebrities in this:

Since we all heavily rely on Facebook for communications with friends, colleagues, media persons and even sometimes FANS, we usually forget that anytime, any fan or ‘pretend to be friend’ of ours can violate our privacy by showing some ill-intentions towards us. Now the question you need to ask is:

How to secure and tighten your privacy on FACEBOOK ?

there are many who are not familiar with the complete functionality of Facebook Privacy. Facebook gives you full authority as to save your certain photo albums, information and other sensitive details.

To further ensure your security now, go to Accout > Privacy Settings and then click on Customized Settings and change all the possible features which are “visible” to your ‘FRIENDS’ or to ‘EVERYONE’. Instead change the important and sensitive information to  ‘ONLY ME’ .

Select ‘friends’ for only those features to whom you think trust-able and credible and they wont get you in trouble anytime.

Facebook Privacy and customized settings

Another thing you should remember is that when you upload a photo album in your facebook account, make sure you show them to only certain allowed friends (or group) and NOT TO ALL FRIENDS (as usually it shows to everyone in your friends list which may include some fans and also some newly added contacts)

To keep your facebook account more secure and ORGANIZED. Make ‘LISTS’ and give them name and authority. Like I personally have three major lists in my account:

1. Media – contacts and friends who somewhat belongs to media and entertainment business

2. Family – home family members, cousins and other relatives

3. Team Members – Work associates with whom I  have worked for some projects

4. Friends – general friends and personal friends

When I write any status or message for my ‘family’, I use and select the ‘family’ only to show the status to my family members only. While I openly share my site links with EVERYONE ! (this is one important feature facebook provides you)

Sometimes, I write an odd blog post which I want my family should not read, so I select ‘MEDIA’ and ‘FRIENDS’ ONLY so that all the media persons or friends from the industry can see the link and open it and my family don’t get any update in their news feed.

What we all need to understand ?

There was, there is and there will be privacy issues on Facebook but one can’t blame Facebook fully for breaching the privacy ALL THE TIME. There are still many controls and functions via which we can secure our privacy and data (at least with other people – Facebook still has all your data).

Musicians, media persons and celebrities should be cautious enough while adopting these social media technologies as we have seen leaking many things right from their accounts, just because of ignorance and non-familiarity with the new and complex features. No matter, what bad happens we need to secure ourself by our own. Sharing each and everything about your life can get you into trouble ANYTIME so make sure first that you are secured enough and have set a decent privacy setting.

I hope this post and and simple tips provided above will help many users keep their facebook account secure, in order to remain save from any unforeseen situation.

Keep checking this blog for more valuable resources in the upcoming days.

Have any question or disagreement with this post, please feel free to post it in the comments section below or Write me on my private email ( danish [at] pakium [dot] com )

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