56% traffic growth rate of Pakium in last 30 days


Pakium Analytics ReportBased on the Google analytics report I checked today, Pakium dot com has fetched over 56% increase in its traffic in last 30 days. *Wuhoo* I screamed in joy today as it was quite unexpected, due to drastic things we faced last month in the form of Disabled Google Adsense Account and Google Panda’s worst effects.

It is the matter of joy for not only me, but for all the fans of Pakium dot com out there, without whom we couldn’t achieve all this growth and off course 100,000+ unique visitors/month mark for the very first time(and mind it they are ‘targeted’ traffic and not general awaam)

A couple of months back; I was way too disappointed with my blog and had been given its charge to some young team members. But then after realizing some things, I decided to give it a hot shot and take back its charge and lead it from the front. During these couple of months, we did not only observe the increased level of interaction on site and our fan page, but also record no. of hits on site with massive bandwith consumption rate. (though it took much of our time, as I personally consumed FULL TIME on my this BLOG) but indeed it was worth the efforts.

Just to let you know, we, at Pakium, are serving FREE DownloadsNOT IN THOUSANDS,  but In LACS – to our visitors each month, who consume quite heavy bandwith from our server and sometimes crash the site temporarily. With this increasing growth, Pakium now requires the best servers to host the site on, with almost no downtime and site crashes. As we are also putting much of our time on managing the blog and content, we also need some bucks to live our living. Therefore, we are looking for sponsors, and have been in talks with some, who can sponsor our blog and in return can market their products/campaigns on our blog.

girl shoutingPersonal Experience:  I have been trying my luck to get some sponsorships to keep this blog and myself stable, but the brand marketing executives I have been dealing with, are quite nerds yet sometimes rude. First of all, they don’t know anything about digital branding and sponsorships. In case, they know it, your offer will be rejected If you fail to produce any ‘reference’ in the same company. Off course, the corporate keeps in their mind – the cost and benefit analysis – but what I have been observing is that ‘CONNECTIONS MATTER!’ and ‘MERIT LOOKS GOOD ONLY in TV COMMERCIALS’

Anyhow, am still hopeful and working each day to make Pakium even more stronger and stable than ever. There are also some new ideas and services I have been thinking to start on Pakium, but my routine tasks list is not allowing me to launch and open new windows.

Though, it is still not profitable and I haven’t yet monetized it properly. But there have been talks and plans and I am hoping quite positive changes in the upcoming months. With this resolution, I am closing the topic off with the words:

‘We will , We will ROCK YOU’ =)

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