Coke Studio 2011 (Season 4) to start from 22nd May


Coke Studio 2011 Season 4 featuring JAL Band Sajjad Ali and OthersCoke Studio Season4 will start airing in Pakistan from 22nd May 2011, announces JAL the Band on its Official Fan Page.

Coke Studio, which is highly anticipated musical show, not only in Pakistan but in sub-continent and far behind, is also famous for not leaking any inside news. Fans have been waiting for this great musical show very eagerly and as always no Official statements and information haven’t been provided to anyone. As there were no official confirmations and channels, we were bringing all the news for our readers ourselves.

As per our information: Sajjad Ali, Ataullah Khan Essa Khelvi, Akhtar Channal , Mekaal Hasan Band, Faraz Anwar, Komal Rizvi, Kaavish, Jal Band , Quratulain Balouch, Bilal Khan and some others acts will be the part of this season. Two Indian musicians who are also said to be a part of this season are : Rabbi Shergill and Kailash Kher.

However, as per CS policy or may be contract terms, no associated band/artist is allowed to reveal their inclusion in Coke Studio. The only band which has been playing the role of “Whistle Blower” is the band JAL. JAL the band (sources say included in Coke Studio on ‘Popular Public Demanad’ ) first announced the news that they are inn. Later we saw  pictures leaked inside from Coke Studio of Jal Band members with QB. It was all un-expected !

And just now, they have quite confidently announced the dates of the Coke Studio Season4. According to them:

Coke Studio Season4 starts on 22nd May 2011

Screenshot below:

Coke Studio Season4 2011

We haven’t heard anything from Official sources yet , as they always keep ‘lip-tight’ on the situation. But we are hoping that we would soon be provided with some official news and press releases to share with our readers.If they can’t do this, they should better hire JAL the band as their Official PR Agency.

Till we get more information, we would like you to imagine the upcoming days power packed with some block busters:

On 20th May, there is expected the release of Shoaib Mansoor’s second and Atif Aslam’s debut movie BOL. then we have Coke Studio on 22nd May so readers, fasten your seat belts as the upcoming weeks gonna offer the nation the true Pakistani entertainment.

So Mojambos, What’s the scene ? 😀

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