Salman Ahmad of Junoon to compose soundtracks & act for Bollywood movies


Salman Ahmad, the man behind the formation of legendary Pakistani band Junoon, will be seen composing soundtracks for Indian’s beloved Bollywood. “Always thought doing a Bollywood soundtrack would be fun and now have got an offer to do one,” says the motivated Salman.

He has also confirmed on Twitter that he’d be making a special guest appearance in the film:

“I’ll be doing my first Bollywood film with music and cameo appearance with my guitar as well!”

Over the years, Salman Ahmad – with or without Junoon – has got a reputation of producing/composing some of the good songs. But what kind of music Salman produces/composes in the Bollywood movies (who have their own taste of music) will be interesting to watch-out for.

*IMAGE COURTESY: Salman Ahmad’s facebook profile
SOURCE: Sufisal Twitter Account

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