Bilal Khan’s Taaray Review


Bilal Khan, the singer of Bachchana fame, started his career on a positive note as he rocked the entire nation of Pakistan with his impressive debut track – Bachana. And after the early success, Khan has now released another song – Taaray.

Taaray is an absolute foot-tapping number, with guitars and the music, as always, playing a key part in the composition of Bilal Khan’s song. His unique and fresh vocals, including the music-rhythm, are essential enough to engage the listener. However, it’s a song that might take some time to grow on many listeners. With a catchy beat and chorus, the track is definitely targeted towards the youngsters who are involved with modern music genres like Rock, Hip-hop and RnB.

The lyrics are another plus point for Taaray but the main problem is that we’ve heard similar stuff like this from Bilal Khan in the past. But putting that thing aside, we must appreciate the brilliant vocals of Khan; he’s undoubtedly a pure artist who involves the listener in to his attractive sound and composition.

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Audio Rating: 8/10

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