Noori launches its own label BIY Records, praises Qayaas Band


noori-valentine special songPakistan’s popular Rock Band – Noori – has just announced its own record label called BIY Records – the full form ‘Believe In Yourself” records. This shocking development is not announced via any Official Press Release or Media Gathering but via ‘video logging’ from brand new Macbook HD cam of Ali Hamza.

The Band Noori has been sharing their vlogs for quite some time now. And today, they have pretty much shocked every music concerned person by announcing their own record label, they are calling it BIY Records. It simply means that from now on they aren’t gonna trust any record label to promote and release their album and stuff.

This is not the first time happening in Pakistan that a band/artist is releasing its own record label. Earlier, Ali Zafar has also launched his own records label called ‘Alif Records’. We have also heard that Mekaal Hasan is also planning to release his band’s album via his own label. The question here actually arises that If each and every Pakistani artist has to launch its own record label, then why don’t they make an association or launch a company and convert their energies into synergies to better and effectively promote their music?

With so many tiny miny record labels launching each day, the problems are also increasing for this negated music industry. We badly need some good record labels, but this is probably not Musicians’ job to convert their music into money (at-least am not expecting this with our musicians). Our musicians are our only hope, they make us proud because they ‘focus’ on their music and not about ‘selling their albums’. If musicians start doing it, they will soon be forced to release ‘commercial’ and ‘public demand’ stuff then their original music.

Coming back to Noori’s Vlog, both Ali Noor and Ali Hamza praised the upcoming Rock Band Qayaas from Islamabad, whose album ‘USS PAAR’ has just been released on Online Music Stores world wide. The terms like ‘God Damn Good‘ and ‘Awesome‘ is very much like a ‘certificate’ by Noori for Qayaas Guys. We are hoping that with Qayaas’ kick-ass album and Noori’s support to them we will see the things moving into the right direction. All they need to do is just distribute it properly through out Pakistan and make sure that the album reaches near to the every rock music fan.

In the end, thumbs up to Noori brothers for coming up with this another great video log episode. It definitely keeps the fans and music followers like us updated with the progress the band is doing. Keep up the good work and yeah we are looking up for the next big surprises 😉

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