Anoushey Ashraf not a VJ anymore, joins Fashion Business



Yeah, that’s it. You’ve heard it. Anoushey – the first female video-jockey of Pakistan and probably a Youth Icon – has called her days of being a VJ off, moving to a different field from the entertainment industry to the fashion business.

“Friendly, loud, hyper, impatient and a very loving person” as Anoushey, likes to call herself, will not be seen as a VJ anymore as she leaps forward to open up a clothing brand in Karachi named Seven Block – unique name, eh?

It is her family business, partnered with two of her sisters; Natasha Qizilbash and Alizeh Ashraf. Seven Block started on April 7th and it’s holding an exhibition currently of their spring/summer western collection for 2011. The pricing of the tops are in-between Rs 1,000 to Rs 4,000 and the exhibition is going to last till Sunday, April 10th.

Besides Anoushey, VJ Ayesha Omar and model Hira Tareen are the brand ambassadors of the label.

Inputs & Photo Courtesy : NEFER SEHGAL / Express Tribune

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