Shiraz Uppal sings, ‘Tonight I am F***ing you’ [Download Uncensored MP3]


Shiraz Uppal, who is famous for his melodious and ears soothing songs, is a perfect example of ‘Dark Horse’. He is not the one on whom much money is being invested in Pakistan BUT ! he has some extra ordinary talent which is enough to amaze every music fanatic.

One such attempt we are seeing by Shiraz Uppal is his latest cover song of Enrique Iglesias , ‘Tonight I’m F***ing You’. The cover song by Shiraz Uppal is buzzing on FM Channels country wide. Followed by a controversy that the song is NOT sung by Shiraz himself, people are getting addicted of the song.

What we know is that he made a cover song to run on FM Channels. Enrique was the foreign artist he chose to cover, but the track he chose was not ‘appropriate’ and ‘acceptable’ by FM Networks and Pakistani masses, so he had to make a ‘clean version’ of it that is now being played on FM Stereos these days with the name of ‘Tonight, I am loving you’.

Here comes the Role of Internet and Music Websites:

He didn’t trash the ‘Uncensored’ version but uploaded it on his Facebook Profile to let her close buddies and fans know how he can Kick everyone A$$ . Picked up by Koolmuzone first, the song received MANY offensive and negative comments. No one was ready to accept that it can be covered so well by our very own Shiraz Uppal (reason being we always imagined Shiraz singing ‘jhukee jhukee aankhon mein’ ) Well he quite handsomely removed that stereotyping about him, which had been developed in the recent years.

This track might be inappropriate for many, but indeed it is making its space. Thumbs up to Shiraz Uppal for covering Enrique’s song so nicely.

Before I give you the song, let me inform the readers that our music producer Shiraz has also met OSCAR winning producer A.R.Rehman in India. So keep your fingers crossed as the next track by him might be in collaboration with critically acclaimed A.R Rehman. Cheers !

Check out this amazing cover:

Shiraz Uppal - Tonight I am F***ing YOU Enrique song cover

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