Imran Khan(Cricketer) with an Awesome pose and Style (Funny)


We Simply Love him, adore him, and see him as the Saviour of this messed up country(don’t get offend please). The Cricketing Legend and hot cake for western girls back in 80s and 90, is still very much stylish and can be seen posing for some TV appearances. The pictures we are releasing tonight are of our living legend IMRAN KHAN and kind of Funny as we added some commentary into it. But trust us its not photo shopped like we used to see on Facebook Pages, these are all his natural poses.

Imran Khan was caught posing for an upcoming show for Cricket World Cup 2011 that would be aired on Pakistan’s premier Sports Channel. These pictures and Imran’s Style are for the promotion of that show.

These pictures are copyrighted with Amaan Tareen and being used here with his permission. We love you Amaan 😀

Check out the first pic, where the Leader, the successful captain of his time is showing some attitude. He might be trying to say in a Sultan Rahi style: ‘OYE tu Main Nun Jaanda Nayee Oye’ :@

Note: In case you don’t know the two above mentioned Pakistani Celebrities , this post is not for you 🙂

Part 1

Imran Khan Funny Badmaash

If you have somewhat got the funny idea behind the above picture and enjoyed watching it then lets check out the second hillarious picture in which Imran Khan is found posing like a body builder, (yeah I am serious) he looked to us not less than ARNOLD SHAWAZ-NIGGER of Pakistan *BIG LOL*






Part 2

Imran Khan as Arnold Shewarzenager


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