Ali Azmat can’t Lip-Sync Saala! (VIDEO)


Ali Azmat who is our all time favorite Rockstar of Pakistan, has another GREAT TALENT and it is THAT :

He can’t LIP-SYNC Saala 🙂

Ali Azmat caught Lip Sync

The vocal power house, who is still considered as one of the best performer in Rock Concerts, is nothing without his guitar and Live Vocals. We rarely saw or watched him doing Lip-Sync on his songs. He prefers to DO IT LIVE and this is what EVERY GOOD MUSICIAN/VOCALIST should do.

We just finished watching a Video performance of Ali Azmat in which he can be watched lip-syncing on his upcoming humorous track ‘bum bum phata’. As there are NOT MANY GOOD SHOWS and the event market is also very competitive, it seems our great vocalist did compromise on this and agreed on a lip-sync performance on his upcoming song. That too in a fashion based event. Anyhow, this way actually we got to hear his complete upcoming song ‘Bum Bum Phatta’.

During the performance though, at times Ali Azmat tries to engage with the audience by brining his inner voice out, But as there was no LIVE BAND, he couldn’t be successful.. The End part is just amazing, If you will watch this video a couple of times, you will be crazily singing ‘Bum Bum Phatta’ or ‘Saari boti Saari Boti , Saari Boti Kha’ 😀

Ali, you are great ! and we simply LOVE YOU.

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