Myssah – New Female Music Sensation of Pakistan (Exclusively Launched by PakiUM)


Newest Pakistani Female Pop Sensation “Myssah” is here with her Newly released Single – “Mera Pyar”

Myssah Pakistani Pop Female Sensation


Myssah, a dazzling beauty, an international star in the making, a power to reckon with!

With her striking charisma, distinguished charm and stunning looks, this mesmerizing Diva, is ready to take the world by storm!

Since her fist appearance in public, she has conquered everything from spotlight to media frenzy and a vast audience across the globe. Close to her fans but yet independent and mysterious, she introduced her own style; a unique combination of simplicity and glamor, instigating change in the image of the South-Asian music industry and creating a new sensation of self-confidence in women’s

Her energetic presence on stage fires passion and spontaneity, drawing the audience towards her. Myssah comes alive on stage delivering a combined performance of music, glamor, fashion and style. As a young girl in her teens, Myssah always dreamt of a career as a singer and knew that one day she would reach the stars.

Myssah’s career is destined for continued success not only in North America, Pakistan & India but her fame is fast spreading across the world. Her success and popularity is largely due to her broad outlook in life and down to earth character that attracts and allures everyone who discovers her. Her pillar of strength is her mother who is her main anchor and stabilizing factor in her exciting and adventurous profession.

On a more personal level, Myssah is an inspiration for youth around the South Asian Community due to her charisma, good looks, and love to aid and charity. However, Myssah proved herself to be a very down to earth, honest person with a tremendous sense of humor and understanding for humanity in general.

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