Another Pakistani student scores a record of 23 As in O Level


Pakistani Student Ibrahim-Shahid-23-As in O LevelWe, the Pakistanis, are among one of the most intelligent and talented nations of the world. Still confused to say that? well we have just found out another ‘pride of nation’ in the form of a young bright student. Yes, Another Pakistani student named Ibrahim Shahid has just set a world record of securing 23 A’s, Yes! 23 A’s in O Level.

A Few years back, Ali Moeen Nawazish was the student who first set the World Record by securing 23 A’s in A levels and became the first student of setting up this record  in Cambridge’s 800 years history.

For complete story and to know more about Shahid and his success please Read the following news story as published in Express Tribune originally:

ISLAMABAD: A student in Islamabad, Ibrahim Shahid, set a new world record by scoring 23 As in Cambridge O level exams.

Shahid, a student of a private school in Islamabad, sat for 24 subjects and scored 23 As.

Attributing his success to his parents, Shahid recalled an incident where his teacher in Australia had written him off, stating that he would never excel. He added that every child is special and everyone has their own capabilities.

Earlier, Ali Moeen Nawazish, also a Pakistani student, had set a world record by securing 23 As in A level Cambridge exams.

Image and News Courtesy : Express Tribune

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