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PakiUM Beta Version
Beta Version Of PakiUM V6

So finally after 17 hectic days of tension and bearing loss of not having a single traffic, I observed some good progress today and felt really good after sorting out some major obstacles in applying the new theme and bringing up with some new features on

I was hell confused or may be you can say so much ‘desperate’ or ‘perfectionist’ about my product that I couldn’t satisfy my needs completely(in beta version of this theme), let alone my site visitors’ expectations. I was failing again and again in developing this version. In these 17 days starting from the New Year Night, when I turned off the site , I have literally tried 7 wordpress themes and during this process I surfed several hundred even thousands web-pages for looking up a suitable theme for this new version of PakiUM.

At the very start of this new version’s development, I wanted the homepage to be full and loaded with content and interlinked with other PakiUM services(that are in the pipeline). In easy words, I again wanted it to be like a ‘magazine look’ rather than a ‘blog style’ but, contrary to my expectations, No magazine layout fit the needs for Pakium. Some premium theme that I found were VERY COOL but not easy to navigate, flexible and satisfactory. This was also the con of the last theme of Pakium – Noctis – which gave us a really professional look but indeed resulted in some serious damages like:

  • Heavy Page Load (yes, Google penalized us so many times for heavy page load)
  • Heavy Graphics (search engines hate sites that take contain too much graphics and less content)
  • Dark Color Theme (majority of website users don’t really like visiting darker websites)
  • Not Easy to Navigate (it was another major drawback in that theme that was reported firmly by TOO MANY WELL-WISHERS of Us, I thank them all personally)


This new theme is called ‘FRESH LIFE’ and I am hoping to give Pakium a fresh new life with this theme.

The new version is LIVE now as you can see and now I am planning to write a post to introduce our site visitors with some new features and options that are used and added this time. There was a complete huge list and still I personally want to add and embed so much stuff in it but some loyal friends rightly suggested to KEEP IT SIMPLE so finally I decided not to make it more heavy and cluttered with too much things.

What would be NEW in PakiUM V6 ?

So there would be questions popping into many minds “What the hell is this V6? and why should I visit it frequently?

In new pakium, there wont be only musicians and music all the time, as we are growing, we are expanding our coverage as well. Now pakium will be covering stories in a formal as well as in informal style. So now on, we will be covering not only Music ! but Media, TV, Entertainment and Showbiz Industry and much much more. But remain hopeful as this all will be done in a “Pakistani perspective” and to support our Entertainment, Music and Showbiz industry.

Below is an excerpt from my discussion, with a friend that I had last night, on the latest move and strategy of PakiUM:

“This time we , specially I, am taking Pakium very serious,  I am really optimistic about my websites future. We are living in a digital era and having some readership and authority over a Niche in Cyber space, is a big success. The link that had been cut off with the readers, due to a heavy magazine look  and lack of updates and posts, will be restored first. Our first priority will be to re-engage them and bring back those precious readers without whom Pakium can do nothing big. Further more, We will be covering the topics and stories “out of the box” which means diverse topics and topics with general interest will also be addressed.”

So keep stick to Pakium guys and allow me to get back on work so that you can get the next post containing information about using this new version and features that are added into this version.

Thanks for your time and yeah your Feedback is always appreciated. There should not be any excuse now as we have made commenting easy for many, just check below this post 🙂 Facebook users must leave a comment for us.

Enjoyyyyy…commenting and browsing the new layout.


– Danish

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