Meesha Shafi talks about motherhood


    Meesha Shafi and Overload bandmate Mahmood Rahman are expecting a baby.

    LAHORE: Model and singer Meesha Shafi has become a household name after her performance on Coke Studio’s third season. The singer, who is expecting a baby, talks about motherhood and balancing her career with a family

    How will motherhood impact your career?

    This only adds to all the fortunate things that are happening around me and for me.

    I am not the kind of person to slip off the radar, I intend to continue working and moving ahead with whatever opportunities come my way. This is exactly what I had heard when I was getting married (that my career will end etc). It is all about the support that you receive from the people around you.

    How did the entertainment industry respond to your decision of choosing motherhood at this point in your career?

    Actually, they have all been very happy for me. The most heartening thing someone recently said to me was that I made marriage seem so easy and now I make motherhood seem so easy. The faith and love people show towards you just drives you further to do better. It pushes you to push yourself.

    Was there any opportunity that you had to turn down because of your pregnancy and make you reconsider why you opted for motherhood?

    Actually a very big opportunity did slip by, which I will not name. But there’s never a perfect time to do anything in life. Things don’t always work with clockwise precision like a well oiled machine. You just need to know what your priorities are and adjust accordingly. But even if I wasn’t pregnant there are so many opportunities that do come your way and you never know if they would be good for you.

    Are you seeing the world differently now?

    I don’t know so much about the world but I am definitely looking at mothers differently, especially young new mothers like myself who are brave enough to work and manage kids simultaneously. Although I haven’t actually had a child as yet and am just building up to it, I keep seeing and realising what a massive role this is. It’s really not a piece of cake! It’s a very unique feeling.

    How did your mother (actor Saba Hamid), who was also a working parent, feel about your decision?

    She was thrilled. She would always tell us that its her kids that kept her going. She has been wired to her emotions because of us and hence, always been able to deliver such moving performances. As an artiste being emotionally challenged adds more depth and dimension to your work. She was also very good at multitasking. What I have learnt from her is how to make a challenging situation a positive one.

    What are the three changes you would like to make in your life for your child?

    I am notorious for sleeping in late. So waking up at a decent hour in the mornings would be quite a challenge. But I realise I wouldn’t have this luxury soon so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I would also like to instil some discipline and time management in my life, like have meals on time and have a proper daily schedule.

    Any cravings?

    None whatsoever! I have been waiting for them since the beginning of my pregnancy and they haven’t come yet. On the contrary I have developed an aversion to food and particularly meat. So it was good that I wasn’t here during Eidul Azha.

    Source : Published in The Express Tribune, November 24th, 2010.

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