Download Exclusive Audio : Tum Jo Miley By Wings


Song: Tum jo miley
Vocalist: Maaz khan
Guitarist: Mawiz Khan
Lyrics: Noman Khanzada

Download Audio : Tum Jo Milay

About Wings :


Wings is not just band it’s a dream saw by two brothers Maaz Khan and Mawiz Khan. Wings name reflects the struggle we did to make our dream come and a hope to fly high, that’s why we call it a (Leap of Hope) . This is what we feel from inside and it’s the feel reflects in our music.
We are a rock band consist of two main members Maaz Khan and Mawiz Khan.
Maaz khan came to know that he has the ability of singing in his school life through al that appreciation he got from his very respectable teacher Tanvir Akhter Sahab.Sir Tanvir Akhter who helped him in polishing his voice quality and give him proper training.
Mawiz Khan is a passionate guitarist. he is a self learned guitarist but according to him computer and internet are his teachers for guitaring.his basic inspiration because of which he started music is big brother Maaz Khan.

Mawiz khan is into western music and Maaz Khan is into eastern music they both have the essence in their music. We don’t have limited ambitions we want to fly as high as we can and inshallah we will.

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