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Founded by Goher Mumtaz (Jal The Band), GM Studioz is a Professional Recording Studio based in Lahore, Pakistan, offering state of the art facilities and world-class equipment, leading systems, gears, and instruments.


We as musicians desire to record songs through the best leading systems, gears, equipment and instruments. GM Studioz offers supreme ambiance which owns superior instruments available in the market. After 3 years of experience as a producer I got the liberty and confidence to set up my own studio for future ventures with my assistant studio engineers. This state of the art studio equipped with world class equipment facilitates exclusively for those artists who cannot compromise on quality of work. The top of the line musicians will also be here to perform and record for the particular projects.

Along with the professional ambiance you will experience a luxurious interior which motivates you to give birth to great productions. The state of the art sound proof jam room is designed to record professional jams and is also acoustically treated to record live drums and orchestra. The main aim of this project is to push the music of country to another level, as I feel that is my foremost duty.

You can stay in touch, ask questions on my blog and keep visiting the website for updates.

Thank You,

Goher Mumtaz


1. System – Aplple MAC pro 8 core

2. Apple HD 30 inch monitor

3. Sound card:
(i) Duet Apogee firewire 400
(ii) Ensemble by Apogee

4. Monitors : Yamaha HS80 (powered)

5. Mics :
(i) Audio techinca
(ii) AKG c1000 , c 3000 (2 mics)
(iii) AKG 414 condenser mic

6. Pre amp /compressor : Avalon 737 sp

7. Headphone Pre amp

8. Microphone booth

9. Studio Cables : Mogami (worlds no 1 cables studio cable company)

10. Drum recording mic kit.

GM Studioz Official  Website :  http://www.gmstudioz.com/

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