Mizraab – New Lineup (2010)


Mizraab Band New Lineup
(Faraz Anwar, Yusuke Iwahashi, James Hobday, Matthew Curr)

Faraz Anwar (Vocalist / Lead Guitarist)

Brainchild behind Mizraab, Pakistan’s first progressive metal band, Faraz started out as a session player working for over 50 major artists around the country, the likes of which include Sajjad Ali, Vital Signs, Junoon, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Ali Haider and Nadeem Jafri to name a few. With his passion for music knowledge, in 1996, Faraz was awarded an educational scholarship and an outstanding musical achievement award from The Berkley College of Music, Boston, but was unable to proceed due to personal hurdles.

Later in 1997, Faraz took charge of a band named “Collage” and hit the Pakistani mainstream market with a highly acclaimed album in the local charts. With mainstream coverage, Faraz Anwar found the recognition for his unique sound, style and multi-dimensional musical ability. After touring the UK in 1998, Collage disbanded and Faraz opened a new chapter in his personal odyssey named “Mizraab” and released 2 albums critically acclaimed and technical masterpieces which in turn brought a dedicated cult fan following.

Along with Baber Shiekh, Faraz formed Dusk, a death metal band, which became highly popular among the underground scene after releasing 2 albums and also helped Faraz spread his talent around Europe as Dusk toured Czech Republic in 2004.

With the release of his instrumental album “An Abstract Point of View”, Faraz received praise for his work globally; in fact the album gave him recognition in the top fleet of progressive metal musicians. Initially released by Gnarly Geezer Records (owned by the famous Allan Holdsworth) and later re-released by Lion Music, Finland “An Abstract Point of View” generated massive reviews throughout the world. With his fame already reaching higher ground, he has worked with some highly famous the likes of Chad Wackerman, Lanny Cardola, Matt Sorum & Slash.

Blessed with skill and talent, Faraz recently was voted through to the highly acclaimed Guitar Idol 2009 finals. However was unable to attend due to passport issues.

James Hobday (Bassist)

Born on the verge of the 90’s, James showed enthusiasm in music since childhood and erupted onto the performing scene at a very young age of 8. It wasn’t until turning 15, he recognized his passion for the seducing, deep and thumping bass sound and immediately pursued his true calling, picking up the bass guitar.

Having performed live with a dozen acts and lending his skill to numerous records, James projected his distinctive feel into his playing developing his own unique style.

Though masterminding his brand of playing, James showed versatility and took upon challenges gigging around UK with pop, blues, metal and even indie acts gaining vast and diverse experience. James is famously known for conducting bass duties for the Phoenix Collective, a popular jazz act at the prestigious Coventry Jazz Festival.

Matthew Curr (Drummer)

Hailing from Cumbria, North West England, Matthew has been ferociously beating drums for roundabout 8 years and extensively gigging for 6 of them gaining popularity and experience hand in hand.

Whilst majority of playing experience in pubs has been with the heavy metal band, Innominate, Matthew has also performed with many hardcore punk, grunge bands such as Break the Silence and even funk acts like Tictac.

Excellent skill isn’t the only thing he possesses; in fact he also has a BTEC National Diploma in Music Practice from the University of Cumbria graduating in 08 and since then having moved to London to continue to pursue his already vast musical knowledge with further studies.

Yusuke Iwahashi (Rhythm Guitarist)

Heavily influenced from the Japanese alternative and Gothic rock genres, Yusuke picked up the guitar and went into overdrive, playing at numerous gigs around Japan. Alongside Gothic rock, Yusuke admires the likes of the legends Zakk Wylde and Randy Rhoads. Yusuke living in Osaka, Japan has performed with many Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Acts in his region. In order to increase his musical skill and study music, Yusuke went to US and graduated from Musicians Institute, Las Vegas in 2009.

Source : www.mizraabianz.com

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