Top 5 Young, Upcoming & Promising Pakistani Singers


Top 5 Pakistani Singers

Top 5 Young, Upcoming & Promising Pakistani Singers

by Danish Mughal

1. Omer Nadeem

Omer Nadeem Pakistani SingerOmer Nadeem is the most deserved, upcoming & promising male singer in Pakistan who is and can easily Rock the souls of Music Lovers. Omer has been playing, composing music since his very childhood and has also been attached in past with many BIG NAMES of TODAY such as Jal Band , Atif Aslam , Roxen etc.. He recently collaborated with KHIZA and two videos of him featuring with Khiza appeared on Various Music Channels in a very short span of time.

Due to his “professional tough studies” & “lack of huge funds”, he hasn’t yet HIT the MAINSTREAM, but definitely he’s making his space day by day. His one complete album with a good record label and effective promotion can easily make him a SUPER STAR.

We consider him as the NEXT BIG THING IN PAKISTAN after ATIF ASLAM or NOUMAN JAVAID. But unfortunately we have a doubt that our nation will not recognize him until his songs come into any Bollywood Movie *pissed*

You can download Omer Nadeem’s all Official & Unplugged songs from this link

2.Tahir Ali Shah:

Tahir Ali Shah Pakistani SingerThe young vocalist from Karachi was noticed first time when he sang OST for a telefilm called Silsilay – The Early Days (click to download song). This beautiful song was written & composed by Somair Rizvi, but Tahir’s soft voice really helped the track to make a HIT. Soon after this , the duo – Somair & Tahir – came back with another good OST called KAANCH (click to download song) – directed by the same Suharwardy brothers who produced the telefilm Silsilay.

Both Tahir & Somair had become a success name and then they once again came up with the third track, the third OST, for a popular telefilm “Aurat aur Mard” featuring Shahzad Nawaz & Mahnoor Baloch. The OST was titled as “Uljhan” which again Hit the charts.

After all these successful hits with Somair, Tahir Ali Shah decided to move ahead & make an Official Band with Simien Xavier – the brother of Guitar Maestro Shallum . OPUS is the name of the recently launched band in which Tahir Ali Shah is a LEAD VOCALIST.OPUS band launched officially with the release of an addictive track “PAL BHAR” – airing on Pakistani music channels these days and is quite popular – which again shows that Tahir Ali Shah is the success factor and his every other single is a BLAST.

We are very much optimistic about his future and believe that he has the talent to reach at the Mainstream Music Scene of Pakistan.

3. Bilal Khan

Pakistani Young Musician Bilal KhanAn ex-student & Graduate of LUMS Lahore , started strumming guitar many years back, composed some very soothing tracks but finally launched them in 2009 and appeared in the music scene as a cool breeze. Bilal has thrown almost 5-6 tracks over internet through his Website and his debut song BACHANA has become a massive hit on Cyber world which has almost near to 1 Lac page views on YouTube only and 10,000+ downloads from his Official Website.

You can download from here all the worth listening tracks of Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan’s success story is very important for newbie musicians!

He used the DO IT YOURSELF(D.I.Y) strategy very effectively.He composed some very melodious songs, recorded them by his own, made low-budget video for it, sung some live & unplugged songs in front of his friends and just uploaded all his stuff on his website & YouTube Channel.

Then, he used World’s most popular Social Media Networking(SMN) Website – Facebook. Although, every new band, musician & Artist use Facebook for promotional activities & launches but Bilal used it very decently & effectively.Also Because the song he made were so soothing & melodious, no one could ignore him , so whoever heard his tracks, just shared with others. Now, he has a huge fan following over Internet.

Keypoint for New Musicians: Even If you use Internet & SMN like Bilal, but still you need to be talented enough. Your compositions is the only thing that can bring you success! Facebook is just only a support.

4. Zain Ul Abideen

Zain-ul-Abideen Karachi MusicianAn RJ , a singer & musician , launched his first track SAIYAAN SAIYAAN (click to download song) in 2006 on Internet. But his song reached nation wide with the release of the video+ song of Chue Chue” . The song Chue Chue instantly became a Hit & remained MOST DOWNLOADED,WANTED & MOST SEARCHED TRACK on various web portals & FM stations.

Zain is also popular among girls especially because of his show on FM RADIO 105 and his cute & innocent looks. We consider ZAIN as promising Pakistani singer because his voice is very melodious & catchy and he has also been working in Media for a very long time.

An interesting thing to note is, each track of Zain has repetition of words like SAIYAAN SAIYAAN , CHUE CHUE and now his upcoming song in pipeline also named as “AYI AYI” . It seems like he wants to make this a trend or a trademark for himself : )

Keep your fingers crossed as his new video AYI AYI will be OUT anytime soon. Till then you can download all his available songs from our Underground Music Library.

5. Kamran Ahmed

Kamran Ahmed_aka_82RockerKamran Ahmed also known as 82Rocker is another promising artist from Dubai(recently shifted his home to Karachi – citation needed). His first song, a remake of “Judai” (click to download song) was released on our site 3 years back. It got good response and ultimately the song was selected in the Bollywood Movie “Jannat” and pictured on Emraan Hashmi.

After the first successful debut he launched another new audio single track called “Gin Gin Taray” . The video of it had been shot almost an year back in Karachi and VJ Sehrish was featured as a model in the video with Kamran. The video hasn’t hit the screens or internet as of yet.

These days he is kind of out of scene, probably because of NO RELEASE & UPDATES for a long time. His management can be blamed on this, but we believe that he is able to bring some new & unique songs once again. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that he will come back with a BANG.

Apart from all the 5 singers listed above there are some more talented & promising Pakistani singers who could be added into the list but we didn’t list them due to some reasons. Some of them are:

Uzair Jaswal

Uzair Jaswal Pakistani Underground MusicianA very young and upcoming musician from the capital city of Pakistan — Islamabad. Yaheen is his debut track, released half a year back & now getting a huge air time on Music TV channels of Pakistan. The song especially the vocals are amazing & continous listening of song can make you crazy about the song . Uzair released another new track called “Nindiya ke Paar” a month ago. Apart from this, another song “So Ja” is also available on YouTube with its un-official video.

Omer Farooq: Another very young musician, composer and also the music video director. He has composed too many songs, but all are not as good as his song “Tanhai” . He needs to focus more on Quality than Quantity.

Ali Khan & Sohail Haider are both great singers and also promising, but both are not “young” enough to be listed here.

Farhan Khan, ZUJ, Jahanzaib Khan: these are very young kids in the music scene. Farhan is more into Hip Hop & Rap scene & trying to bring some unique & new stuff. However, ZUJ is doing more Heavy Rock & Metal stuff & his one track has also been taken in a Bollywood Movie which is a great success.

Jahanzaib Khan is VERY new and just released a song recently called “Dekha Nahi” which we consider a nice track for a debut.

No doubt, there are too many young & promising musicians in Pakistan.I couldn’t name all of them here, but just tried to show you a broader picture of our upcoming Music Scene.

If you think there is someone missed out or deserved the place more than anyone listed above. please feel free to share your views & suggestions.

Concept, Written & Presented by : Danish Mughal

Banner made by : Ata Shaikh

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