Asad Abbas as new Lead Vocalist of Mekaal Hasan Band


Asad Abbas in MHBSo the line-up has changed and the news is confirmed, Javed Bashir departs from Mekaal Hasan Band and Asad Abbas – the first Pakistan Sangeet Icon Winner – joins the band as a new vocalist.

It was updated yesterday on the Offical Fan Page of MHB:

Catch MHB live with Asad Abbas tonight on FM 91 from 8pm to 10pm (PST)

Till that time, there was a confusion whether they are featuring any song or etc. But today’s update at the fan page has announced the decision clearly.

Asad Abbas has been selected as the new lead singer for Mekaal Hasan Band! Catch him live on the Moring show on Express News at 8 am on 5th March with Mhb!

There were already rumors surrounding about it but nothing was certain, this announcement by the band has given a “Shock” to the fans and many are not ready to accept this change.

Well, we have seen many break-ups and departures , there are examples of AAROH & FUZON as well. We hope that this will bring some new innovation & dimension to the band’s music, but It must be a positive one and not destructive(and we are sure It won’t)

We – the Team PakiUM – wish Javed Bashir for his solo projects & also to Asad Abbas for his new venture with MHB and also looking forward to this situation very optimistically.

Here are some of the live performances videos by Asad Abbas:



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