Album Review: All Night Long by Circle Of Trust


By Havi Zayed


Circle of Trust - Electronic MusicAlbum Tracklist:

  1. Habibi
  2. Aasman
  3. Bazi
  4. Zindagi
  5. Mahiya
  6. Naraz
  7. Kahan Tum
  8. Peera
  9. Habibi Remix
  10. Lajo
  11. Mahjabeen
  12. Hum
  13. Pyar
  14. Zindagi Remix
  15. Aankhain

The two brothers Maaz and Sheeraz both born in Quetta have been creating shock waves as they experiment a new tune on the Pakistani population for a long time. However it is after a lengthy wait of 2 years that their first album has finally been released.

All Night Long brings forth music that is new to many Pakistani ears. So far one of the only forms of music produced in Pakistan that Pakistanis can dance to is Bhangra but the valuable addition of this album proves that there is clearly scope for dance albums in Pakistan. Since Pakistani radio channels are very actively playing dance and remix songs this album has many prospects.

To start off the album opens off with Yalla Habibi an Urdu track spiced up with some Arabic. Yalla Habibi literally means “let’s go my love.” The video of this song has been circulated for quite a while now. The song has been played in many clubs in the UAE.

The second track is Aasman. Listen to it if you enjoy it otherwise skip it. Aasman is followed by the song Bazi which is a better track. However the lyrics are more basic. If the song is not a pill you can swallow either you can skip to Zindagi which is a far better track than either of these.

Zindagi is another one of the tracks in the album that has also seen its video released. It is definitely one of the better songs of the album. The song has a remix version in the album as well which has also been released. It is followed by Mahiya one of Maaz Ahmads favourite tracks.

The 6th track in the album Naraz is a great track as well. The song shows how well the vocals of Maaz and Sheeraz can gel.

After this the album slows down a little temporarily. The next song Kahan Tum is a much slower track than the rest of the songs in the album. It is a good track nonetheless. It is followed by another slow track called Peera which is a nice track. Though the last thing a person can do with these two tracks is dance to them they are still nice tracks. However they are a disappointment to those looking for a complete dance CD they can play at dance parties without any worries of changing the track. On the brighter side both the songs are different from the other songs in the album and are an enhancement for those who think all the other songs are just similar.

Lajo is also a nice track with good lyrics, great vocals from Maaz and Sheeraz accompanied by a good dance beat.

Mehjabeen is not a bad track either. It is followed by Hum Aagay which has also had its video released. With powerful lyrics backed by a commanding dance beat quite typical of Circle of Trust this song definitely packs a punch. It is a National song and the video focuses on what the entire Nation loves. Cricket!

The next song is Pyar. It is definitely not a bad track. With the final song of the album Aankhain the beat catches pace up. However this pacy beat is accompanied by sad lyrics which may be the first time this has been tried. It is rare for dance and techno beats to have sad themes.

With its catchy beats and music All Night Long automatically sends a person into a dancing frenzy. If you have a stomach for dance and techno beats and want to see how they sound with Urdu lyrics then you will love Circle of Trusts All Night Long. It is one of the best Pakistani albums for dance parties and clubs. Some of the songs may clearly sound similar but overall the album is a great effort and that dance beat is catchy enough to keep you up to it All Night Long!

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