PakiUM – background story & future developments


Hello guys,

This is Danish from . Today I am writing to inform our site readers something about the background of PakiUM and also about upcoming developments that you will be noticing in the coming days. The plan is to take PakiUM at a new level, with a more professional approach than ever.

PakiUM was launched on 1st Jan 2006 and I founded it with a view to promote our Pakistani Underground Bands & Artist who remain un-noticed.After a couple of months of its launch the UG bands were sending their stuff to us . We have another achievement on our portfolio that most of the Underground Bands sent their stuff to us by their own and we developed Underground Music Library which now has over 300 Underground Bands & Artists Listed.

The site was working online for Underground Bands & Musicians successfully but at one time its growth had been almost stopped. Then, Raja Yasir joined the Team and we decided to take PakiUM to the mainstream as well. Here we started to move forward for becoming a complete updated music webezine.With Yasir’s expertise in development & designing and my skills in diggiing media we launched V4 of PakiUM and also a forum along with it.

The new & revamped PakiUM started getting hype in a few days because there were more audience for it then Underground Music Listeners.When the forum was launched, we started to give more attention & contribution to it than the Official Website. The time we spent on our forum was so fascinating, we got to know many loyal members who were following PakiUM since its inception. We also found some great friends there and I have no doubt that it was the best days of my life(other friends say it as well).

We reached over 3500 Registered Members on board in a couple of months and then someone reported to the forum company that our site forum is being run without license.So we had to face a DMCA notice from our web-hoster and a warning to block access to the website. We had to seize & block access to our FORUM. For your information, the License Price of the b forum is about $235 , and PakiUM is not a revenue generation unit.

Keeping this in mind, now, as the traffic is doubling & trippling these days, daily downloads are getting our servers slower,we are facing downtimes as well , the challenges are greater than ever. So we are thinking to take PakiUM more seriously than ever.Few of the developments we are working on are as follows:

Sponsors & Advertisers:

We are looking for sponsors & advertisers so that site’s functions can be run smoothly. The expenses are only being paid by Raja Yasir & I and now we are also tired of it.

Expanding Our Team:

Right now the site is updated mostly by Waqas, Havi & I. We are planning to expand our team and representatives so that our message & work spread to the more possible places.

Marketing & Advertising:

We have a plan to market PakiUM locally & physically as well as virtually in order to get more audience & viewers because we think our site is loaded with necessary content.

If anyone can help PakiUM in getting sponsors, and starting marketing campaigns we will highly appreciate him/her.

In the next coming days, you will find PakiUM more professional with more developments.So, keep your fingers crossed and help us grow faster.

Thanks for your visit and time.

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