Download : “Behti Naar” Ost Malal By Rushk



Download : Behti Naar Ost Malal

Concept & Story Of Malal:

This gripping serial revolves around Zinia and Danish who are close friends of fifteen years, living in the US. Danish goes to Pakistan to visit his mother, and agrees to get married to his young cousin, Mahi, at his mothers insistence. When Zinia learns of his marriage, she becomes extremely upset. Meanwhile, she meets Jawad, who she later learns is Mahis cousin, and who becomes interested in her. They begin to meet frequently, which upsets Danish, and the realization that his wife is immature does not help their relationship any. To make matters worse, Zinia discovers that Mahi is being blackmailed by someone from her past. Does she manage to salvage her relationship with her husband, or does he end up with Zinia, after all? Does Zinia develop feelings for Jawad?

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