Dead Bhuttos – Tere Aisee Kee Taisee (Mp3 Download/Lyrics)


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Updated on March 9, 2013

Dead Bhuttos are a Taqwacore band from Islamabad Pakistan. Formed by Imran Malik, Basim Usmani, Ali Malik & Omair Chowdhry in 2007, when Pakistan was in the throes of a tumultuous political climate. In their song, ‘TEREE AISEE KE TESEE’ (Urdu: roughly translates to “screw you”/words you say right before you pounce on someone.) they criticize corrupt police officers and the actions of the mafia-like political party.

The band name is an homage to the seminal punk band The Dead Kennedy’s, as the Bhuttos are Pakistan’s own version  of a long standing nepotistic political family frought with a history of mysterious deaths and assassinations.

The band released its song “TEREE AISEE KE TESEE” back in 2007 but it couldn’t create as much hype and was failed badly. But I am telling you it is worth listening , probably it failed because not many people could listen & understand the lyrics. Basim Usmani is now playing active role in the band Kominas , so Dead Bhuttos band seem to be died , but their song is still alive .

Download Teri Aisi Ki Taisi By Dead Bhuttos

Tere Aisee Kee Taisee Lyrics:

The Don: Dead Bhuttos Agya te Chagya

O saray Chiliron, londo, te marasieo

Tuadee Aisee De Tesee!!

(Dead Bhuttos are here, you betta recognize. To all you cops, tough guys and two-bit

musicians, who the fuck do you think you are?!?)

Medhi Hustlin’: O Vekh – chilar aria

(Spy the cop, dude)

The Don: Udee tondh vekh, lagda sat bachay kha ke aya

(look at his belly, it’s as if he’s eaten 7 kids before coming here)

Medhi + Don:

We’re not exactly in a Bentley here,

been two hours and we’re not in gear

Chilar ai will they lend a helping hand?

(The fuzz arrived)


They searched the car, we said “Kee Load ay?” (Whats your problem)

Kee tuaday thanay challan da mood ay (you in the mood to be thrown in jail?)

Meree jeb-ich moree

Aaj Kuttay phukkay raingay (there’s a hole in my pocket today the dogs will go hungry)


Malik Saab: Khawateeno Hazrat, na gawar halaat ke vaja se, shehr ke aim hiso me, raat aat baja curfue ka illan kiya jaata hain. (Ladies and Gentleman, due to lawlessness most portions of the city will be observing a curfue after 8pm)

Medhi Hustlin’: Teree moht de laqueer marey haath vich likhee ay (the fate of your death has been scribed by my hand)

Iggy Pak:

Rolling past a mehran on fire

A new widow wails on the wire

You’ll probably be dead before you retire

ALL BHUTTOS: Pakistan Zinabad! (longlive Pakistan!)

Who let these monkeys out of their cage?

Us bhaiyya nu wapas bhej

(Send this brother back where he came from)

If this keeps up then we don’t need no Bush

ALL BHUTTOS: Bombing us back to the stone age!



ALL BHUTTOS: Huh huh huh hoy!

Malik Saab:Ahaha! HuhuhUAhaha AHH!!

Medhi Hustlin’: Oy hoy, bara kut chudiya yaar, aaja nas challiyay! (We really gave them the beatings of their life, let’s head on out)

The Don:Awee nas challiyay? Aisa nu janda nai ne, inna de aise de tesee

Malik Saab: tulla chor, faujee chor, siasee chor, mullah chor, (police thieves, soldier thieves, govnt thiefs, religious thieves)

ghareeb chor, ameer chor, ajeeb chor, ghaleez chor, (poor thieves, rich thieves, strange thieves, gunda thieves)

baap chor, ma chor, pan chor, bhai chor, (Daddy thief, Mommy thief, sister thief, brother thief)

tu chor, mai chor, sab chor, sab chor (You thief, Me thief, all thieves! All thieves!)


The Don, Medhi and Malik Saab

Fatsuma ve ala, Kominay ve alay, Diacritical ve va jee vah, Al Thawra ve sahiee ai, VOTE HEZBOLLAH, Syndicate ve not bad, Trail 5 hai number 1, Fundamental bara gentleman, humara mulk mai Mauj hai, aur Coven be theek hai, Hum sab theek hai

The Don: But Dead Bhuttos # 1 hai

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