Download Audios: Entity Paradigm Live at Rock On Pakistan Concert


Downloadep_newbandlive now the live performance of Entity Paradigm at Rock On Pakistan Concert. The Audios are not recorded ones but ripped from the ARY Musik’s HQ Videos , so these are very much free from the noises we heard in the recorded versions.

Below is the list of downloadable Live audio tracks :

  1. Entity Paradgim feat. Mekaal Hassan – Bolo Bolo(LIVE Cover) – RoCK on Pakistan.mp3
  2. Entity Paradigm – Hamesha (LIVE) – RoCK on Pakistan.mp3
  3. Entity Paradigm – Kahan Hai Tu(LIVE) – RoCK on Pakistan.mp3
  4. Entity Paradigm – Waqt (LIVE) – RoCK on Pakistan.mp3
  5. Entity Paradigm – Shor Macha (demo track) – Rock On Pakistan.mp3

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