Download Audio: Chal Bulleya (Unplugged) By Mekaal Hasan Band



About Mekaal Hasan Band :

Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB) was formed in 2001 by guitarist/composer Mekaal Hasan.The music that MHB plays is a fusion between the melodic sensibility of the East and the harmonic sophistication of the West. Mekaal Hasan Band features the artistry of musicians from Pakistan and abroad, and with fellow bandmates Javed Bashir on vocals and Mohd. Ahsan Papu on flute, The Mekaal Hasan Band is continuing to explore this exciting blend of East and West, in a series of live performances, studio recordings and videos that are drawing music enthusiasts in large numbers. MHB is Pakistan’s most critically acclaimed act as well, winning numerous awards and nominations for it’s recordings,videos and live performances.

Download : Chal Bulleya (Unplugged)

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