Nouman Javaid’s unadultered Interview+An Exclusive Unplugged Track


As promised, now I am publishinNouman_Javaidg Nouman Javaid’s First ever interview given to any website (this is also’s first interview) + he gave a complete unplugged version of Mein Chala exclusively for our readers.

If still you haven’t heard anything about Nouman please read this article

Check out his unadultered interview below:

PakiUM: First of all tell our readers something about yourself , who are you , your background?

Nouman: I’m Nouman thats who I am :)… well i don’t know what to say don’t really like to talk about my self… any ways i’ve writen, composed and sung two songs for Mahesh Bhatt’s latest film Jashnn (the music within)… i was born on the 28th of october 1982… music is my passion along with films… i love to sing and act… you’ll see me as an actor very soon inshAllah but i cant disclose the details now.
PakiUM: When did you start your career & did you learn singing from someone or its just your passion that made you a singer?

Nouman: i started singing nine years ago…. when i got into this feild i knew nothing of music… i’ve had no professional training i am self taught.
PakiUM: The most important one : we are wondering how did you manage to debut your first song in India? Do you want to give credits to someone who introduced you with the Indian producers?

Nouman: (aah) my debut…. you know what every one keeps asking me that… simplest answer is Allah did it for me… full length boring answer would be… people think that one can only do some thing if he is well connected, that may be but its not what happens all the time… hard work, determination and luck is the key…
i made a song dard-e-tanhai n i called Mukesh bhatt n asked him if he would like to hear it he said yes send it. so i did thru a friend Mr sohail khan… then i got a call one day after 6 months of sending the song that they want the song for their film Jahsnn
i do want to give credit and thanks to my dear friend brother Sohail Khan.

PakiUM:How do u feel when u think that your very first tracks are featured in a bollywood movie ?

Nouman: It feels like being in heaven some times overwhelming coz i really did have to work really hard with no support from any one but Allah, to be where i am now… inshAllah i’ll go further n will make my name the most shining name in the history of pop music n entertainment industry.

PakiUM: How was your experience working with Bhatt productions & with other musicians in India ?

Nouman:oh it was great… they are so professional… they don’t have that “chauhdry” attitude our producers/directors and musicians have… they know what they want, they take it and they respect you for your talent.
PakiUM: Tell us something about your tracks Dard-e-Tanhai n Mein Chala ? did u write , compose & arrange both the tracks ?

Nouman: Ofcourse i did. I’ve played a tripple role of being the writer, composer, singer n the fourth role too of being the arranger for both the songs… but i did have some help like from my good friend Arif Afridi … while writing the lyrics i asked him of his critical analysis he was very helpful and often pitched in a good word or two

PakiUM: Do you think Pakistani Music listeners will accept you like they accepted Amanat Ali ,Roxen Band Kamran Ahmed n Others , who also got fame from India?

Nouman:hmmm thats for you to know and for me to find out 🙂 lets see what happens… i think they will love it (inshAllah)

PakiUM: Are you more interested to sing for Indian movies? or you are also looking to release some songs for Pakistani music listeners ?

Nouman:I’ll sing for any one who wants to listen coz i love to sing… n yes im making a pop music album for pakistan too… but pakistanis listen and watch more hindi music, if you know what i i guess you’ll be hearing more of me in indian filmi songs … inshAllah
PakiUM: Apart from these movie songs, do u have something more to release ?

Nouman:as i’ve said earlier i have many songs. being a composer, writer and a singer has its advantages 🙂

PakiUM: Are you working or have worked on your album ? if yes when it will be releasing ?

Nouman: I have completed my album just waitng for the right time and a good lable to give me a good deal… release date depends on all of that.

PakiUM: Have you visited our website?  what do you want to say about it ? do u want to give any message to our readers ?

Nouman:I really like your website and i want to thank you for taking the time and doing this interview… i wish there were more websites like this who promote their own artists, and this is what i want to say to the readers too. please promote your talent and give them the praise they deserve
thank you

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