Ali Haider quit singing


According to the latest news ,ali haider Ali Haider has decided to Quit singing . Ali officially announced this decision just few minutes back in a popular TV Program “Aalim Online” . The reason he gave for this decision was unsatisfactory, he said music was not satisfying him any more. He didn’t mention that what actually he is going to do now.

Ali said in the program , “I dont know whether i will be doing social or religious service, and that those who are doing social services are very great people and i am nothing in front of them. Pray for me so that ALLAH shows me the right path.”

My Personal Experience with Ali Haider:

I just moved to Karachi few months back for my studies. I saw Ali for the first time in a mosque near to my place. Then, on every Friday prayers I found him in the same mosque. Afterwards, I got to know that actually he lives exactly in front of the mosque.I never met or talked with Ali ever but I was impressed that how this musician is performing his religious obligations  parallel with music . I never thought that he will quit singing so soon but I could see that he was seriously performing his prayers.

Well, after Junaid Jamshed, he’s the second musician who quit singing in Pakistan. A lot of liberal people will now start criticising him but I believe everyone has its own life & we are no-one to stop anyone. I also believe every Muslim has to die & is accountable for his deeds so we shouldn’t make ourself world-centered, but a balance should be there.

We congratulate Ali Haider for his brave decision & hope that ALLAH will bless him with more success in the future.

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