What is happening with Kaavish’s Gunkali Album?


The Band “Kaavish” was one of thegunkalipc3 most promising upcoming bands of Pakistan . From Bachpan to Choti Khushiyan their videos & songs were all welcomed by the masses. The Music analysts were saying that Kaavish might be the next big thing.Then, here comes a break when we hear that the band is now in studio & working on its debut album which they call “Gunkali” . Another countdown starts , but now not for a single release, but a complete album.

Fans were satisfied that Kaavish is up & working on its album, then finally album is complete & video is shot & edited as well .The Band is signed by the one & only Record label Company of Pakistan , then the record label features the band on his official website, it means that the album is going to hit the markets soon . but what happened ???

It has been a year now & the album couldn’t hit the market and now kaavish band seems like a pendulum , one of the band members Raheel has also left the band. But the band is not broken-up yet thats for sure.Jaffar & Maaz continuing the band. Jaffer is already selected in the coke Studio line-up. But we ask the question again

Where is the album Gunkali ?

The band also doesn’t know anything about it but they shared a message from their fans recently let me show you guys their message.

Hey ,
Hope all of you are doing well . We thought it was time to let you know why we still haven’t put out the album , we’re sure most of you are probably not even interested in knowing , as we’ve made too many promises and hardly ever kept any . Unfortunately , all our promises before last year weren’t kept as we were constantly trying to make the album sound as good as possible . But late last year , we got done with the album and the video , and early this year , they were ready to be out there . Ever since then , we’ve been hearing from the Record Label how they’ll put them out there soon . Call it the biased system of our industry , or lack of keeping promises , whatever it is , i guess it all boils down to the fact that we owe you an apology for the delay , but are grateful at the same time for the patience you’ve shown alongside the undying support . We are still unsure of the release of the album , but just have our fingers crossed and are hoping that it will be soon .

Thank you so much ,
God Bless .


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