Lets Revive Pakistani Underground Music again.


It’s been a long time since i updated PakiUM.com with some underground stuff & some fresh talent. There are too many excuses for this , leave that for now.Today i want to share some upcoming plans with you guys.

PUM* was launched on 1st january 2006 with a view to promote the UG** musicians & help them to show their talent to the whole world. I personally believe that Pakistani Underground Music is better than UG music of anyother country and it has the potential to make the tunes that can Rock the world.

Since the creation of PUM, we got some good response from the UG music lovers , there were also some other websites that were doing the same thing. But i personally think that the way we provided the complete bio data & full resources of the UG musician was the idea that attracted huge traffic. PakiUM can be called the First ever Pakistani Music Blog on internet.We don’t claim to be the biggest Pakistani Music website on internet but this credit goes to PUM that we have promoted about 200+ musicians till now & Our UG music library is updated with about 280+ UG Musicians.

You can get free access to our UG music library here

Now we feel that by the passage of time we have forgotten many deserved & talented musicians who made some great compositions but now they don’t exist anymore or not making new composition . We believe that we can encourage them but without your support we cant do anything.

Our plan is :

1. To Shortlist some of the best UG Artistes & Bands:

By shortlisting the UG Artistes & Bands we want to differentiate them from other immature & wannabes musicians.

Be Remember , By Underground we mean those musicians who don’t have a record label with their name or who haven’t released or  distributed their album.

2. Pick the 3 or 5 Best UG Musicians from your votes & feature them on our site.

The only favor we want from your side is your votes!!!  Do spread the words about the polls we are going to setup soon, so that most people can come & vote. Voting will be expired in 10 Days , after that we will pick the 3 or 5 most voted musicians (but we will also check the valid votes & check the tracks of that musician to rate them).

Once we pick some musicians, they will be featured on our site’s main page with all the available stuff related to that musician.

3. Delete Or Side back from our library the songs of people who were never the professional musicians.

The 280+ UG Musicians i mentioned above are not all the great musicians , most of them are newbies & immature, some also recorded songs for their hobby. So we have decided to delete or side back tracks by those people who were never professional musicians.

Probably , you guys may have got the idea of what we want, if:

  • i couldn’t clarify anything
  • you find any ambiguity somewhere; or
  • you have any suggestion , feedback or something please feel free to leave your comments.

If you dont want to write publicly here, you can also Email us on pakium.team@gmail.com

Thanks once again for reading & supporting.

PUM* = Pakistani Ultimate Media

UG** = Underground

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