Amanat Ali shared dozens of pics to prove his Facebook A/c real


Facebook is a popular social networking site where anyone can make account & claim to be a celebrity by just putting some pictures in his profile & photo album.It has happened many times ,ordinary people using Facebook & showing themselves as a celebrity.

In Pakistan , musicians & celebrities are also using it for a long time.I remember when i was a newbie on Facebook i sent a friend request to Indian Actor Ranbhir Kapur who was in the friend list of Pakistani Musician Adeel Chaudhry.  But after a few days,i found many people on his profile commenting that he’s not real Ranbhir ( & that was true also) .So finally i deleted that profile from my friends list.

The similar situation is being faced by Amanat Ali these days.He is the rising star of Pakistan , who got fame from The Indian Show “saregamapa” & just released his debut album “KOHRAM” few week back . He’s got 3539 Friends in his list till now & it is still growing. Anyhow i come to the topic.

Amanat Ali(i dont know real or fake one) after getting some negative comments on his profile shared some more pictures.Here am sharing with you the recent photos of Amanat Ali. Decide yourself either these pictures are originally submitted by Amanat or someone is using his name, u can also check out his message highlighted at the bottom right side of the photo.


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