Burger-e-Karachi Official Music Video by Young Stunners


If you haven’t heard about the track already, Burger-e-Karachi, is one recent viral track that is spreading like fire among Desi youth. A track describing the characteristics of wanna bees and burgers of our society, has had enough success already. After a few days of its release, it topped the charts on Reverbnation’s PK Charts, similar was the response on our servers where the song was downloaded over 10,000 times and 1400+ people actually LIKED that post on our site.

[ Click here to: Download mp3 and read lyrics of Burger-e-Karachi ]

Now it has started generating another buzz, as the music video of the same has been released by the young folks, who call themselves “Young Stunners“.

burger karachi young stunners

Many of you will be surprised to know that the brains behind this viral shit are actually in their very young age. Just passed out their school, they are now busy exploring more in hip hop and rap music.

The music video of Burger-e-Karachi was expected to be something big, but “Young Stunners” couldn’t handle it very well mainly because they don’t have any experience with facing camera and video production. Indeed, this Do It Yourself (DIY) strategy is working great for them as the video has been “SHARED by 8000+ people on Facebook only”. That’s quite a huge number! even not many mainstream bands manage to grab this much attention.

Anyhow, do watch now the official music video of Burger-e-Karachi, not with the eyes of a critic but as someone seeking for a good entertainment. 🙂


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