‘Kaptaan’ Stars Threatened with Death


Imran Khan is certainly the most popular national hero alive today in Pakistan. He won the first and only Cricket World Cup for his country in 1992, built Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre in Lahore after his mother died and most recently is on a mission to clean up Pakistan with his political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. The Pakistanis are surely in for a treat as a film is currently in the works which portrays his life from the big cricket win to the present day. Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased about it as a Facebook user ‘Well Wisher’ messaged the stars of the film – Abdul Mannan and Saeeda Imtiaz – death threats.

Mannan informed FIA’s National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes (NR3C), “We ignored it. But then more and more threatening posts were made, some of them mentioning where we had been.” ‘Well Wisher’ also threatened to kill Imran Khan and various other people and surprisingly, also claimed that he was the one who murdered Benazir Bhutto.

Because of the unfortunate death threats, the film makers had to reach a decision of not shooting the Hyderabad rally of the cricketer-turned-singer. As far as ‘Well Wisher’ is concerned, NR3C is currently searching the person behind the Facebook ID.

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