Mathira’s Jadugarni! Copies Akcent’s My Passion [REVIEW]


Mathira is Mathira. This too-hot-to-handle model and now unfortunately turned singer needs no introduction. But one thing that certainly needs an introduction is the song ‘My Passion’ from the Romanian dance-pop band, Akcent. The song became insanely popular due to being unique in the sense that its out-of-this-world beats and literally breath taking lyrics that will make you want for more.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]X_CFvcL87Zc[/youtube]

As far as Mathira is concerned, her new song ‘Jadugarni’ can be best described as ‘effortless’ as it is nothing but a down right copy of the popular Akcent song. The PakiUM fans read my mind because the comments below the song are enough to give the song a review. Comments such as “all she is doing is making vulgar ugly faces NOT even dancing,” by Sameen Wasi and “ghatiyaaa tareennnn,” by Kaifi Zia are a perfect example of a review that Mathira deserves to make her realize that originality counts in the music industry and being a copycat is not going to take you anywhere.

The music video is a product of Blue Notes Production and directed by Farrukh Sheikh whereas Sameer Ahmed was the producer, Farhan Golden managed the direction of photography, Zain Khan and Farhan Nizami managed the editing.

The Music video indeed has got an extreme reaction and to hide and cover that up the ratings option on original video upload on YouTube has been disabled the original video upload has been removed off Youtube.

Bad Luck Matheera!

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