Ali Zafar new movie London Paris New York Movie Review


London Paris New York Movie Review

London Paris NewYork movie Review

After striking his charm in movies like Tere Bin Laden (TBL) and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan ( Read MBKD Movie Review Here), the Pakistani heart-throb and now the up-and-coming star of Bollywood, Ali Zafar is back with a third film under his belt – London Paris New York (LPNY). Lets start with “London Paris New York Movie Review“.

It is a romantic-comedy film that has been written and directed by the debutante Anu Menon. The movie stars Ali Zafar as Nikhil Chopra and Aditi Rao, who has worked in films like Delhi 6 and Rockstar, as Lalitha.

LPNY tells the story of Nikhil – a wealthy boy, whose life, in his opinion, doesn’t cease to exist. So, to kill his exhausting boredom and to get freedom, he decides to move up to London Paris New York WallpaperLondon and pursue his studies in film-making there. Accidently, Nikhil ends up meeting Lalitha, a sweet energetic girl hailing from a middle-class Indian family who has come to study politics with full scholarship.
Their friendship, which actually began with uncertainty in London, unfolds with passion in Paris, and eventually into a mature love in New York. The film basically revolves around the lives of Nikhil and Lalitha whose life changes drastically over the eight years span in the extravagant backdrops of London, Paris, and New York.

The film, as mentioned in LPNY’s official facebook page, is displayed in three chapters:

  1. London; where the young Nikhil and Lalitha spend their first day together, roaming and enjoying the beautiful city of London.
  2. Paris; at this stage their friendship takes a u-turn and passion comes into the play.
  3. And finally, New York; where the couple’s love turns into a mature love.

As far as the storytelling goes, Anu Menon looks good only on paper. For the direction, she needs a pat on her back for terrific work. Unfortunately, when it comes to the writing department, she lacks clarity. I wouldn’t mind calling her work in London Paris New York as a writer terribly bland. She definitely needs to brush up her skills as a writer.

London Paris New York Sexy WallpaperAs a matter of fact, the script is so weak that I don’t think it has given any chance for the bright and talented Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao to show what they are really capable of. However, Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari have shown good chemistry working with each other in LPNY. They look a perfect match on screen. Characteristically, Ali, who was seen as Luv Agnihotri in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, is seen in a different role altogether – which is somewhat refreshing. Ali’s partner, Aditi puts up a decent performance on her part as Lalitha.

To sum up, the only reason why you would want to watch London Paris New York is because of Ali Zafar – the man has not only shined as an actor but also as an effortless music-director and singer. Surprisingly, there is one more guy who deserves a round of applause, and that man is Sameer Arya – the creative mind who brings out the best possible shots from the luscious locales of London, Paris, and New York.

Do yourself a favor, start touring London Paris New York with the deadly combo of Ali Zafar and Sameer Arya!

Movie Rating: 3/5

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