Filmstar Meera now a singer, Epic!


Film Star Meera naughty pose

Pakistani Super Star film actress MEERA is now planning these days to release debut music album of her, which is named as Mausiqiue, (‘Music’ in English). The album is currently being recorded in India’s entertainment city ‘Mumbai’.

As I had already covered ‘Meera’ a couple of times this week, I was not in a mood to ‘waste’ another article of mine on this infamous and controversial celebrity. But Since the news is very much related to our main topic ‘Music’ and I have also been tipped by a fellow blogger and friend Kartika Sharma, So now I can’t ignore it anymore.

So the news is, the versatile fun-kaara – Meera – is all set to jump into music industry. See, I told you she is EVERYWHERE ( pardon for the last article ONLY for mixing Yash Raj and Yash Chopra, both are the same , my bad)

Super Star Meera launching her music album mausiquiMeera while speaking to the media ‘proclaimed her love for music and said that the tones and lyrics of the songs for the album will be finalised once she has practised singing’.

Practised ? Meera, you seriously broke many of your fans heart with this statement ! we always thought you are not from this world, oh offcourse angels don’t live on earth , you were just our last hope . Are you really ‘human’ ? *thish-crystal-like-heart-broken*

Update: Lata mangeshker has offered Meera for a duet song, but Meera refused the offer with: ‘I only want to include true ‘Mausiqee’ in my album’

Note: Lata Jee wali line was just a joke BTW, don’t copy paste our words and then later come to us saying that we reported wrong.

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