Imran Khan calling the ‘F’ word to Atif Aslam?


Few weeks ago, Imran Khan of the ‘Amplifier’ fame and the infamous Atif Aslam were set to perform together on a concert named Rockstars in Dubai. It seemed like it’ll be one hell of a show for the fans, and for both of the artists as well, but due to some reasons, Atif used the entire time, which didn’t allow Imran to perform because of the shortage of time.

“Atif Aslam is very ignorant, he didn’t want me to perform there,” said a furious Imran Khan. “I met him in the afternoon. He was trying to be nice but I could see him through.”
Imran Khan to Express Tribune

The organizers then arranged another event for Imran Khan a week after, where he let go all of his anger. We’ve been told by a concert attendee that the Dutch-born singer even went on to say “F*** you Atif Aslam!” on the stage. We cannot really confirm this news about the F word but that’s what we heard, and passed it to you folks.

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