Rahat Fateh sings 5 tracks for upcoming Pakistani Film ‘Khamosh Raho’


If we look into the movie industry of neighboring country and songs that are topping the charts there, We will find one common name in the success of the most, it is none other than ‘Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings for Pakistani Films
Image Courtesy : Fahad Suleman

The classical trained singer and predecessor of music maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, has rung the bell for many musicians in India. He is now considered as a ‘lucky charm’ for Bollywood movies, this is one major reason that every bollywood movie now gets popular once it features the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

With so many hits under his belt, Rahat Sahab is now all ready to support our local Film Industry. Yes, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will now sing for a Pakistani Film named as ‘Khamosh Raho’. You might be worrying about ‘Pakistani Films’ aka Lollywood, please keep aside your fear and be optimistic about our own Pakistani productions.

Altaf Hussain talking about his upcoming flick Khamosh RahoAfter Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Ke Liye, A step has also been taken by another Pakistani Director named Altaf Hussain, who is shooting an ‘Urdu feature film’ named as ‘Khamosh Raho’ featuring the one and only strong Lollywood Actor Shaan and casting with him a fine model turned actress Juggan Kazim. Yes, Juggan Kazim who has proved herself as an all-rounder with her work, as a model, anchor and now a film actress.

While talking about the actress Juggan Kazim and other cast, the director of ‘Khamosh Raho’ said:

“I am surprised at the way Kazim has worked. I wasn’t expecting her to do so well. Apart from Shaan and Kazim, the cast includes Ghulam Mohiyyudin,  Mariam Khan, Kinza Malik, Asif Khan and Sheraz.  The entire team has worked very hard and I hope this film will provide healthy entertainment to the audience,”

Model-turned-actress Juggun Kazim makes her Lollywood debut in Altaf Hussains ‘Khamosh raho
Juggan Kazim makes her Lollywood debut in Altaf Hussains ‘Khamosh raho’. Image Courtesy: Ijaz Mehmood/Express Tribune

The movie is supposed to be released in Pakistan in July this year. Before that it will be released in Norway on 26th May. The film-maker also intends to release the movie in United Kingdom.

Upon asking the story and music production details of this upcoming Flick the director told Express Tribune:

“The story of a family that undergoes a mishap and their attempts to recover. This is basically a female oriented film. The music for the film is by none other than M Arshad, who has composed tunes of many famous records of late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The lyrics are written by Riazur Rehman Saghar. Another delight of the film is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who has sung five songs”.

As we are writing this piece on Women’s Day , we are also seeing and predicting that most of the upcoming Pakistani Films (Lollywood movies) will now raise the social issues relating to the Women’s in our society. The Film Makers are now also seem more motivated towards making  such films and reviving this industry in a true essence.

With movies Like BOL and KOLACHI in line up we are a very much optimistic about the future of Pakistani Films.Even If we get 5 quality movies a year, Our Film industry can be revived and up on its feet.

What’s your take on this development ?

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