Who is “Dawood Wharnsby Ali” featured in Olpers Ramadhan Ad?


It was being asked , right after airing of the Olper’s Ramadhan add that who is the other guy featured with Atif Aslam. Like Others, I also knew his name only i.e Dawood Ali but none about his background.

Today, I got an SMS from two different friends which I would like to share here first:

“Canadian Singer David Wharnsby,Born in Canada in June 1972. Composed & Sung alot of english songs, but after sometime he got attracted towards Quran.. Soon He accepted the teachings of Islam & Dawood Ali is his new name, now he is 37 … married, settled in Abottabad, Pakistan. Writes English, Naats & Hamd… he is the same guy we see daily in OLPER’s MUSTAFAVI AD. with Atif Aslam”

Dawud Wharnsby Ali.—Photo by Shahzad 'Shahi' Hasan

The SMS message shared above just represented a short bio of Dawood Ali.After reading this , when I started searching over internet to know more  about “Dawood Ali” there wasn’t anything relevant available, because he is not popular with this name.

“Dawood Wharnsby Ali” is his media name.He has collaborated & worked with many world renowned artistes such as Idris Phillips, Zain Bhikha, Yusuf Islam, Sami Yusuf, Dale Marcell, Stephen Fearing, Danny Thompson, Irshad Khan & Atif Aslam as well.

I won’t be able to bring all his life in front of you in just one post. I can only share some useful links that would help you to know more about him.

Dawood Ali Interviewed By Madeeha Syed for DAWN NEWS

Dawood Ali’s Official Website (quite updated website)

Dawood Wharnsby Ali on Wikipedia

Bonus Tracks By Dawud Ali :

Dip in the shadow end

Argus Array


Nasheeds By Dawud Ali

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